Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Little Inspiration

I have been wanting to start a blog for awhile now.  A place to ramble on about thoughts and books and poetry and life.  All the important things, you know?  But it seemed as though it never happened.  I always put it off, I always got too busy or distracted (which you will see, is just my perma-state-of-being).  But as I was grocery shopping today (hungry, which is always a mistake), I passed a statue of a cat meditating.  People had placed quarters and other such small 'prayer' offerings on it (or maybe they did it as a joke).  But it struck me as strangely beautiful and somehow triggered this feeling that has been coming on for awhile.  I have been holding myself back.  From a lot of things, really, but my blog was one of them.  The name popped into my head and here I am.  At the beginning of my journey of getting out of my own way and maybe even joining my own forces (is this becoming too weird?)
   It boils down to this: I have been holding back for a long time.  Holding back on really trying in life, really pushing myself, and on really putting myself out there because, lets face it, I was afraid that somehow I would be found lacking.  Whereas, if I never tried because I was 'too busy', I could blame the craziness of life.  But how boring is that??  So here begins my journey of really putting myself out there in life, and really making the most of the one that I call mine.  I hope it's interesting.  I hope it is fun and exciting and exhausting and exhilarating and all those other 'ex' words.  Hopefully this is not my last post!  (Haha! I think!)   Tah for now, chums!

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