Wednesday, December 16, 2015


I just went to the movie 'Trumbo', and I have to say, it was an awesome movie.  It's been interesting to me lately that I have been interested in some "slower-paced" biographical movies.  I did not know I was a fan, but I saw Tom Hanks in 'Bridge of Spies' and then 'Suffragette' and now 'Trumbo'.

First, the story is solid.  It is an interesting story that has comedy, drama, a lot of heart, and definite intensity.  At one point, I was so into the movie, that I said, out loud, "GOOD!" when a character was told off.  This story is about stories, and people's right to tell them, and people's rights, in general.

The acting alone would have sold this movie to me.  Bryan Cranston is amazing, and plays the varied aspect of the character well.  I'm always a fan of Elle Fanning, and it was a fun surprise to see her in this movie.  She always seems so quiet and shy in her movies.  Helen Mirren is flawless (obviously) and makes you hate her, which is perfect and necessary.  Diane Lane plays the kind of woman I would want to be.  She is strong and brave and kind, and she is played with all of the emotions that she should have.  Alan Tudyk plays a smaller role, but one I enjoyed seeing him in (even though his accent was strange to me).  And John Goodman...always a pleasure.  He was one of the comic relief elements that this movie needed, and he played the role so incredibly well.  His portrayal of Frank King made it possibly for the seriousness of the rest of the film to really play out.

I definitely think this movie is a must if you like movies, or history for that matter.

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